Islamic Banking: Theory, Practice and Challenges

Author : Fuad Al-Omar, Mohammed Abdel-Haq

ISBN: 185649344X
ISBN-13: 9781856493444

About the book
Islamic Banking: Theory, Practice and Challenges more books like this

by Fuad Al-Omar, Mohammed Abdel-Haq

1. Framework of Islamic Finance
2. Oerview of Islamic Banking
3. Al-Baraka International Bank Ltd: The Experience of an Islamic Bank in England
4. The Jordan Islamic Bank for Finance and Investment: The Experience of an Islamic Bank in Jordan.
5. Special Finance Houses in Turkey
6. Islamic Banking in Malaysia
7. Derivatives, and the Challenges in the Development of Islamic Secondary Market Instruments: The Experience of the IDB
8. Islamic Banking in Pakistan
9. Comparative Analysis of the Financial Statements of Islamic and non-Islamic Banks
10. The Challenges Faced by Islamic Banks
11. Important Considerations before Engaging in Islamic Transactions.
12. Conclusions and Recommendations

islam has a very specific approach to commercial transactions, the law of contract, interest charges, indeed to the very nature of property. For financial institutions operating in an Islamic environment, or seeking to meet the requirements of communities committed to Islamic law, this poses a variety of problems. This important book investigates how such a challenge can be met in practice.

The authors investigate the way Islamic banks work within different economic, financial, social, legal and religious environments. They take the reader through the basic principles involved, the issues that arise, and the difficulties that are often encountered.

Drawing on detailed studies of Islamic banking in London, Jordan, Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan, they provide an understanding of how complex Islamic concepts impact upon the use of financial instruments, commercial priorities and services. Relationships with central banks, comparative analysis of financial statements and the role of Islamic banking in a development context are also covered.

Islamic Banking will be essential reading to all those involved in the setting up and running of Islamic banking units in western countries, and a key resource for students of economics in the international arena.

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