Financial Transactions in Islamic Jurisprudence: v. 1 & 2

ISBN-10: 1592390722
Author : Dr. Wahbah Al-Zuhayli
Translation By Mahmoud A. El-Gamal (Rice University, Houston)

Revised by: Muhammad S Eissa Ph.D
Published by Dar al-Fikr Damascus, Syria, Dar al-Fikr al-Mouaser

Provides comprehensive Fiqh coverage including the views of all major schools of Thought (madhhab) in an easy to understand language. The thorough indexes make it easy to locate any topic within the set.

The goal in providing this translation was to give non-Arabic readers access to the rich Islamic juristic literature on financial transactions. A Translation of Volume 6 is forthcoming shortly, Allah willing.

Volume 1 Contents
Translator’s Preface
Abbreviations and Transliteration
I The Sales Contract (Aqd Al-Bay’)
1 Constituents ofSale
2 Conditions of Sale
3 Status, Object, and Price
4 Invalid and Defective Sales
5 Options
II Types of Sale (anwa’u al-buyu’)
6 The Forward Contract (salam)
7 Commission to Manufacture (istisna’)
8 Currency Exchange (sarf)
9 Gross-Sales (bay’ al-jizaf) 293
10 Riba
11 Trust Sales (murabaha, tawliya, wadi’a)
III The loan contract (aqd al-qard)
12 The loan contract (aqd al-qard)
IV The Lease Contract (aqd al-i?jar)
13 Legality, Cornerstones, and Essence
14 Lease Conditions
15 Characteristics and Legal Status
16 Two Types of Leasing 413
17 Guarantees In Leasing
18 Resolving Disagreements
19 Lease Termination
V Promise of reward (jialah)
20 Promise of Reward (jialah)
VI Partnerships (al-sharikat)
21 Introduction to Partnerships
22 Origination of Partnerships
23 Partnership Conditions
24 Partnership Status
25 Contract Characteristics
26 Invalid Partnerships
27 Defective Partnerships
VII Silent Partnership (mudarabah)
28 Definition and Legality
29 Silent Partnership Conditions
30 Legal Status
31 Capitalist-Entrepreneur Disagreements
32 Invalid Silent Partnerships
VIII Contemporary Partnerships
33 Juristic Analysis
IX The Gift Contract (al-hibah)
34 Definition and Legality
35 Cornerstones
36 Contract Conditions
37 Legal Status of Gifts
38 Prevention of Gift Rescinding
39 Gifts to Immediate Family
X The deposit contract (aqd al-ida’)
40 Definition and Legality
41 Deposit Cornerstones and Conditions
42 Status, and Methods of Safekeeping
43 Status of Deposit Possession
44 Deposit Guarantee
45 Termination of a deposit
XI Simple Loans (aqd al-I’arah)
46 Definition and Legality
47 Cornerstones and Conditions
48 Legal Status
49 Guarantees of Simple Loans
50 Lender-Borrower Disagreements
51 Termination of the contract
XII The Agency Contract (aqd al-wakalah)
52 Definition, Cornerstones, and Legality
53 Contract Conditions
54 Legal Status
55 Multiple agents
56 Agency termination
Volume 2 Contents
VIII Guaranty Al-Kafalah
57 Legality and Cornerstones
58 Guaranty Conditions
59 Contract Status
60 Guaranty Termination
61 Seeking compensation from the principal
62 Contemporary Guaranty for a Fee
63 Applications to Modern Guaranties
IX Transfer of debt (Al-Hawalah)
64 Definition, legality, and cornerstone
65 Transfer of debt Conditions
66 Legal Status
67 Contract Termination
68 Compensation of the Transferee
X Pawning/Mortgage (Al-Rahn)
69 Definition, Legality & Cornerstones
70 Pawning Conditions
71 Legal Status and Consequences
72 Growth of pawned property
73 Pawning Contract Termination
74 Debtor-Creditor Disputes
XI Settlement (Al-Sulh)
75 Definition, Legality, and Cornerstones
76 Settlement Conditions
77 Legal Status
78 Invalid Settlements
XII Absolution (Al-Ibra?)
79 Definition and Legality of Absolution
80 Absolution Cornerstones
81 Absolution Conditions
82 Objects of Absolution
83 Absolution Types
84 Legal Status
XIII Entitlement (Al-Istihqaq)
85 Definition and Consequences
86 Rulings for Specific Contracts
87 Entitlement to Sacrificial Animals
XIV Debt-Clearance (Al-Muq?as. s.ah)
88 Definition and Legality
89 The Object of Debt-Clearance
90 Types of Debt-Clearance
91 Consequences of Debt-Clearance
XV Coercion (Al-Ikrah)
92 Nature and types
93 Coercion Conditions
94 Coerced Physical Actions
95 Legal Actions
XVI Interdiction
96 Definition and Legality
97 Reasons for Interdiction
98 Ending Interdiction
99 Indebted Estates
XVII Ownership and its characteristics
100 Definition of Ownership
101 Eligibility for Ownership
102 Types of Ownership
103 Partial Ownership
104 Establishment of Total Ownership
105 Is Private Ownership Absolute?
XVIII Ownership-Related Topics
106 Land-Related Rulings
107 Land Reclamation
108 Inaccessible Land & Land Distribution
109 Easement Rights (Huquq Al-?Irtifaq)
XIX Share-cropping Arrangements
110 Muzara?a or Mukhabara
111 Musaqah or Mu?amalah
112 Legal Status
113 Mugharasa or Munasaba
XX Division Agreements (Al-Qisma)
114 Division of Physical Properties
115 Dividing Usufruct
XXI Usurpation and Destruction of Property
116 Usurpation and Its Status Rulings
117 Destruction of Property (Al-Itlaf)
XXII Fighting an Assailant
118 Legality, stages and legal status
119 Conditions for Fighting an Assailant
120 Is Fighting the Assailant Required?
121 Compensation for Fighting an Assailant
XXIII Lost and Found (Al-Luqat.ah & Al-Laqit.)
122 Nature and Rulings for Al-Laqit
123 Found Property (Luqatah)
XXIV Missing Persons
124 Missing Persons
XXV Racing and Athletic Competition
125 Racing & Competition (Al-Sabq)
126 Al-munadala
XXVI Preemption (Al-Shuf?a)
127 Basics of Preemption (al-shuf?a)
128 Object of Preemption
129 The Preemptor
130 Legal Status Rulings
131 Preemption Conditions
132 Preemption procedures
133 Changes in the Object of Preemption
134 Dropping Preemption Rights

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