CIMA launches Islamic Finance Qualification

cima_logoThe islamic finance industry is growing at the rate of 20 percent per year with $500 billion worth. This has created in new job opportunities in islamic finance market. To meet this market the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (UK) and International Institute of Islamic Finance launched first qualification in Islamic Finance in December 2007.


This will be valuble for those who seeking accrediated qualification in Islamic Finance. This will be called as Certificate in Islamic Finance (Cert IF). The certificate has four compulsory study modules. Each is covered by a detailed study guide that will take you through to the final assessments.

Cert IF is a self study, distance learning qualification, and is available for study across the globe. Each module is independent. We recommend that you complete the Islamic Commercial Law module first as it includes knowledge and skills you will require for the three remaining modules.

Robert Jelly, Director of Education at CIMA, says:

‘CIMA has identified that there is considerable demand from the global business community to develop the knowledge and skills required to service this increasingly important market. The CIMA Islamic Finance qualification is the first to be created in conjunction with an Advisory Group made up of academics, practitioners and scholars of Shari’ah, and will assist employers in the City of London and other major financial centres throughout the world in equipping their employees to develop financial products.’.

4 thoughts on “CIMA launches Islamic Finance Qualification

  1. It is a great learning experience to study for this course. It gives an overall perspective of the different schools of thought available throughout the World and helps clear a lot of myths regarding the promising subject, “Islamic Finance”.

    I’m the 12th person in the World to have attained this certification and wish to spend the rest of my life for the development of it.


    • Please check my education pages and before doing any course do a research on the institution and their accrediation


  2. Islamic Finance leaning skilled is the totally good experience for this course. and now they CIMA Launched Islamic Finance Qualification so looking forward to it. Also, need to research about CIMA too.


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