Islamic Finance: A Guide for International Business and Investment

Edited by
Habiba Anwar
Roderick Millar

About the Author
Habiba is a graduate of Brunel University where she earned an LLM in European and International Commercial Law in addition to a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from The College of Law, London, before joining GMB Publishing as an Editor-Analyst. Bringing an array of legal experience from international internships, and a multicultural background coupled with fluency in South Asian languages, Habiba is involved in commissioning content for GMB Research, liaising with global contributors, and project managing a number of book publications.

Roderick Millar has many years’ experience as an author and editor. After gaining an MBA in Madrid he has specialised in personal finance, business start-ups, development economics and recently management education. He has been editor of several Global Market Briefings titles, including Doing Business with… France, Germany and India. He is author of the Daily Express “Complete Guide to Family Finance” and “Start-up and Run Your Own Business.” Currently he runs, the executive development website.

Publisher: GMB Publishing
ISBN-10: 1846730783
ISBN-13: 978-1846730788
This timely guide to Islamic financial practice is aimed at banking professionals and corporate investors worldwide. With similarities to ‘ethical investment’ in the West, Islamic investment is based on socially-responsible principles excluding areas such as gambling, alcohol, weapons and products that are high-risk / high-return. Islamic and conventional banking have converged in recent years and investors and asset managers have become increasingly attracted to financial products and the institutions that adhere to Shariah principles.