First branch of Emirati Islamic Bank, ‘Noor’ opens in Tunis

e2_s_The first branch of the Emirates based Islamic Bank “Noor” opened in Tunis . The bank’s Tunisian branch which is also the first outside the United Arab Emirates , will provide banking services and solutions to the North African region.During a press conference given in Tunis on Friday, the bank’s General Manager, Mr Hussain Al Qemzi, said that the bank aims at strengthening cooperation with North Africa in general and Tunisia in particular, as well as making the most of the opportunities offered by the region.

He also cited Tunisia ’s political and social stability, as well as its sustained economic growth as the main factors that have prompted the decision to set up a branch in Tunisia .

For his part, the director of “Noor’s” Tunisian branch, Mr Sadok Attia, said that the bank will facilitate important transactions, as well as financing projects in the North Africa region.

“Noor” was set up in 2006 in Dubai and launched its operations in January 2008.


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