Bahrain Islamic Bank Launches New Visa Credit Card

images44Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) today announced the launch of its new Islamic Visa credit card as part of its strategy to offer the best and most advanced credit card in the market. The ultimate objective of the Bank is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

On this occasion, BisBBisB Chief Executive Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim Mohammed said: “We, at BisBBisB, are pleased to contribute to providing our customers with the best and most advanced banking options through our new Islamic Visa credit card, especially designed to meet customers’ requirements both inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain at a very competitive price.”

The Chief Executive added: “The move to launch this credit card comes in the wake of strong demand from customers, who wish to have a credit card that is fully compliant with the rules of Islamic Sharia’a, and simultaneously, to be readily available to customers of different income groups while offering numerous benefits to the cardholders.”

Speaking about the features of this new card, Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim said: “The Islamic Visa credit card is certainly the best credit card available in the market and the most secure as it contained an intelligent electronic chip that prevents unauthorized use whether in the case of theft or loss.”

BisBBisB Visa credit card, which is Sharia’a compliant, comes in three different categories. Classic card offers its holder a credit limit from BD300 to BD5, 000. Gold credit card provides a credit limit of BD2, 000 to BD10,000. The Platinum Silver card provides a finance level of BD3,000 to BD20,000.

Speaking about the features of the credit card, the Chief Executive said holders of BisBBisB Islamic credit card can use it at 24 million establishments, ATMs and shops inside and outside Bahrain.

The Card also has the added benefits of offering its holder discounts on purchases at a number of merchants in Bahrain and will enable a one percent refund of purchases to the card account during the period up to 31st December, 2008. In addition, it will give its holder free miles from Gulf Air depending on the card type.

Concluding, Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim Mohamed BisBBisB Chief Executive said: “The launch of this card takes place at a time when we look forward to achieving our vision to be the best Sharia’a compliant financial solutions provider. The issuance of this card demonstrates our loyalty to our customers.

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