Distributive Justice and Need Fulfillment in an Islamic Economy

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation, UK
ISBN: 0-86037-191-3
Edited by Munawar Iqbal
Editor Bio: Munawar Iqbal is currently Professor of Economics and Director of the Research Division at the International Institute of Islamic Economics, Islamabad. Born in 1950, he studied Economics at Punjab University, Lahore; McMaster University, Canada; and Simon Fraser University, Canada. He taught economics at Simon Frasier University and worked at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad in various capacities before joining the International Islamic University as Director of the School of Economics. He is currently working on various aspects of Islamic economics.

About the book
This book contains some of the papers and discussions from the historical Second International Conference on Islamic Economics held in Islamabad in 1983.

To put the discussion in perspective, an instructive introduction has been added by the editor. Renowned Muslim economists explain the Islamic viewpoint on a number of issues relating to ownership, the distribution of wealth, and distributive justice. The volume reflects current Muslim thinking on some of the most important contemporary Islamic issues. It identifies areas of general agreement, discusses major controversies, and points toward future research directions in the field.

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