Islamic Finance Today from Sri Lanka

imagesIslamic Finance Today (IFT), a quarterly magazine exclusively devoted to the Islamic Finance and Banking industry which is published in Sri Lanka has earned a top place among other leading Islamic financial publications worldwide.


A recent research report titled Islamic Finance and Economics as Reflected in Research and Publications by Dr.Nazim Ali of Harvard Law School, Massachusetts lists Islamic Finance Today (Sri Lanka) as one of six Popular Islamic Finance Journals, alongside others such as Islamic Banker (United Kingdom), Sharikah Islamic Business and Finance (Switzerland), Investor’s Magazine (Kuwait) and Business Islamica and Islamic Business & Finance (United Arab Emirates). IFT has also been cited as a primary source of information in Reports such as Islamic Finance 2009 compiled by Islamic Financial Services London (IFSL).


Islamic Finance Today is published by Pioneer Publications (Pvt) Ltd, a Sri Lankan-based publishing house and a subsidiary of the First Global Group, a conglomerate of companies involved in the field of Islamic Finance. The magazine which is presently in its second year of publication delivers to its discerning readership a mix of exclusive contributions on this very happening industry by a number of leading scholars and academics, interviews with leading personalities in the field and news, events and finance reports to keep readers updated on the latest developments in the industry.

 Source : sailanmuslim

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