The Certificate in Risk Management for Islamic Financial Institutions

The Global Association of Risk Professionals and the Banque du Liban recently announced the development of a new program, the Certificate in Risk Management for Islamic Financial Institutions.

The explosive growth in, and increasing sophistication of Islamic financial products has created the need for standards and guidelines for sound risk management approaches analyzing these financial instruments.

The Certificate is expected to be available in 3Q 2009.

Islamic Finance

The holistic approach to life Islam requires of individuals also affects their approach to business and financial activities. The basic tenets of Sharia’a, the part of Islamic Law that covers practices and activities, dictate that investors cannot engage in transactions that are speculative, pay interest or involve contractual uncertainty.

Globalization of the financial markets and increased wealth in Islamic regions have accelerated the trend of Islamic banking and specialized products that are Sharia’a-compliant.

The expertise in Islamic Finance offered by the Advisory Oversight Committee’s members combined with GARP’s proficiency in creating globally accepted standards on risk management methodologies will result in a benchmark approach to assessing and measuring the financial risks associated with Sharia’a-compliant financial products.

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