A New Financial Dawn: The Rise of Islamic Finance

Joseph A. DiVanna
Antoine Sreih
Joseph DiVanna is an author, global speaker and currently Managing Director of Maris Strategies. He contributes to a number of journals of banking and finance, including The Banker, Financial World Magazine and New Horizon. He is the author of Understanding Islamic Banking, Redefining Financial Services, the Future of Retail Banking and the editor of How to Run a Bank.
Antoine Sreih is the Chief Executive Officer of Europe Arab Bank. He is also Chairman of Wahda Bank in Libya. He is a highly experienced professional with a strong international background in IT and Operations, project management and general banking.

Summary of the book
A New Financial Dawn examines the global economic crisis in the context of how western markets influence Islamic financial innovation. Joseph DiVanna, author and Managing Director of Maris Strategies, and Antoine Sreih, CEO of Europe Arab Bank, discuss how market conditions are creating a fertile seedbed for the next generation of innovation in Shariah-compliant financial services.

Publisher: Leonardo and Francis Press Ltd

ISBN-10: 1905687109
ISBN-13: 978-1905687107

One thought on “A New Financial Dawn: The Rise of Islamic Finance

  1. Sir
    Based on the knowledge you have over the subject. Is it possible to link Islamic Microfinance to early islamas Islamic Microfinance products were common in that time. I believe that if explored this will take the history of Microfinance back by almost 1400 years instead of three decades


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