Islamic Emirates and Sudan Bank gets approval

Sudan’s central bank has given its approval for the fully Islamic US$200 million Emirates and Sudan Bank to be set up in Khartoum, the country’s capital; it was announced on Dec 28th, 2009.

The new bank, which is backed by a number of leading Islamic financial institutions, is expected to begin operations in January 2010 and plans to quickly expand out of its Khartoum headquarters and create a network of branches throughout the country. All its operations, services and products will be fully Shariah compliant.

The crucial backing of Sudan Bank, the central bank, has opened the door to the full establishment of Emirates and Sudan Bank with a declared capital of $200 million and paid capital of $100 million. Dr. Mohammed Khalfan Bin Kharbash, UAE Finance and Industry minister and chairman of the founders’ committee of Emirates and Sudan Bank, said: “Our aim in setting up this bank is to support the economic development of Sudan.” Dr Kharbash, who is also Chairman of Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), added: “The creation of the new bank draws tighter the historically close ties between Sudan and the UAE, a great supporter of economic and trade cooperation between Arab countries. He added: “UAE investors reacted enthusiastically to the opportunity to set up the bank.

“Sudan’s economic indicators are generally positive and forecasts for gross domestic product, balance of payment, balance of trade, exchange rates, and foreign investments suggest that the country is poised for an economic upswing, particularly after the latest developments to do with the peace treaty.

“It is crucial to the country’s further progress that it has solidly established banks and financial institutions with the resources and facilities to offer a service that can facilitate international transactions.” Dr. Kharbash confirmed the bank would soon begin to offer a full range of Shariah-compliant services and products that meet the needs and requirements of all sections of the Sudanese community, both business and retail.
He added that the bank would perform a crucial role in inter-bank and regional financial transactions and investment. A range of retail and corporate banking services will be offered and Emirates and Sudan Bank has confirmed it will invest in developing local staff to service its planned branch network. Sudan has become a magnet for investors, businesses and financiers since the signing of a peace treaty between the north and south of the country. It is believed to have large reserves of oil.

source : ITP

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