CIMB Aviva Takaful premiums range RM40

CIMB Aviva Takaful Bhd. (CIMB Aviva Takaful) target collection of premium amounting to RM40 million in the current financial year with the launch of Takaful EasyLife series.

Head of Retail Banking, CIMB Bank, Peter England, said the target was made based on the response received for these products during pre-launch in December and has recorded sales of RM2.5 million.

Total”targeted in this is something that can be achieved because the response received very encouraging.

Target collection of premiums”for both CIMB Aviva Assurance Bhd. (CIMB Aviva) and CIMB Aviva Takaful is RM90 million for this financial year. This can be achieved as the total collection of premiums last year for CIMB Aviva is of RM59 million,”he said.

He said this at a press conference after the launching ceremony of Takaful EasyLife series here today.

Also present were Chairman of CIMB Aviva and CIMB Aviva Takaful, Datuk Mohd Shukri Hussin, Chief Executive Officer CIMB Islamic Bank, Badlisyah Abdul Ghani, Chief Executive Officer of CIMB Aviva Takaful, Muhammad Fikri Mohamad Rawi and Chief Executive Officer of CIMB Aviva, Kevin Jones.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Fikri said, this year CIMB Aviva Takaful aims recorded more than 7.4 percent market penetration this year.

”In addition, CIMB Aviva Takaful will be launching six new products this year. What is important for us is not the number of products launched, but products and product CIMB Aviva CIMB Aviva Takaful menetapi customers’ needs.

”Our main focus is to provide quality products to customers and appropriate to their needs,”he said.

Earlier, CIMB Islamic Bank launches Takaful EasyLife series, ie a complete set of the first takaful plans offered by the channel bankatakafulnya.

It is managed by CIMB Aviva Takaful covering four product-based investments such as Takaful EasyLife Men, Women EasyLife Takaful, Takaful EasyLife Kids EasyLife Takafil Retirement and health plan cost-effective EasyLife Health Takaful.

Badlisyah Takaful EasyLife believes this series will help customers to find the takaful policies that meet their specific and unique needs.

CIMB Islamic”through an extensive branch network throughout the country offer the best platform for takaful products to customers.

Through the”number of branches throughout the country over 300 branches and customer base exceeding 5.3 million, the product will be delivered to customers with easy,”he said.

Muhammad Fikri said the demand for takaful products will continue to increase as the increasing customer awareness.

Bankatakaful”plan under the Takaful EasyLife this series is simple, transparent and affordable and based on sharia,”he said.

source : utushan

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