Takaful and Education plan for children

EVERY parents expect the best for their children, whether from the point of use, nutrition, especially matters related to their education. Have proper education is among the factors to build a happy life.

Education is one of the important agenda in the development of the country to produce a society that is truly knowledgeable.

The current situation, many of outstanding students discontinues their studies due to financial factors such as not sufficient funds and do not get help, whether in the form of scholarships or loans from any institution

These students expect hundred 100 percent loans or scholarships from the institutions involved, but due to failure borrowers before lending describes their education, resulting in generation of students today fail to get loans to start their studies.

Parents indeed have a great responsibility to ensure their children get proper education. Given the cost of education is increasing from year to year, parents need financial planning, especially related to education since the early birth of their children so that children are able to obtain the proper education. When parents can plan, for sure education-related loans is not reappear.

In fact, the concept plan and manage financial risks faced by prospective contained in God’s word, which means: He said: “That you bertanam seven years (ever) as normal, so what you taken shall let you save a little on the stalks to eat.  Then after that will come seven hard years, which spend what you save for that (the hard) but less than (wheat seed) that will save you.” (Yusuf: 47 and 48).

Human reminded to always be vigilant and ready to face difficulties lay in the future, especially related to financial management. The 1,400 years, the concept is still relevant to the lives of Muslims today.

To reduce the burden of parents who had to bear the high cost of education, among other instruments that can be used as an alternative to loans and scholarships education is to participate in takaful. Takaful operators not only provide protection plan and investment alone, but there are also education plan so that parents can provide funds or education savings to their children in the future later. Plans such as this will help students continue their education, whether educated in the public or private institutions.

However, people are still less understand the importance of takaful protection awareness, particularly future children such as education. Various parties should play a role to ensure that protection needs to be an important agenda of education in the management of family and concern by parents.

In financial planning, parents need to know what actually needs to their families and ensure that priority is given to the needs of the really urgent needs such as children’s education. If parents are sensitive to the needs and requirements of education when, inevitably they will be planning and financial expenditure and to take the takaful fund education for their children’s education in the future.

Takaful operators that also offer other products such education. So, there is no reason for parents to provide education funds for their children as early as possible.

Imam Al-Ghazali Rahimahullah mentioned, “Our children are gem.” So our job as parents is lustrous jewels is to always shine by providing appropriate education to them. If children are left with sufficient funding, are sure they will be able to continue their studies and enhance the level of education. In addition, the goal of producing human knowledge as specified natural National Philosophy of Education did not realized.

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