Sarjana Kewangan Islam, Ekonomi, Perbankan dan Takaful

Tingkat Sarjana Islamic Finance, Banking, Ekonomi dan Takaful kursus

Hanya ada sedikit jumlah universiti yang menyediakan peringkat sarjana dalam perbankan Islam, kewangan, Takaful dan ekonomi dalam Bahasa Inggeris menengah. Berikut adalah beberapa universiti memberikan gelar sarjana di perbankan dan kewangan Islam. Senarai ini tidak termasuk agensi-agensi, yang sedang melaksanakan kursus-kursus dalam bahasa lain.

Bachelor of Science in Islamic Finance – (BSc) – Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (Unissa) – Brunie

Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking – College of Business UUM – Malaysia

Bachelor of Business Administration dalam kewangan Islam – University College of Bahrain

Bachelor of Science dalam bidang Kewangan dan Perbankan dengan pengkhususan dalam Islamic Finance – University of Sharjah

Bachelor of Science dalam Perbankan Islam – St Clements Universiti Lausanne

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Perbankan Islam – Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Tingkat Sarjana Perbankan dan Kewangan Islam sebagai subjek – The University of Melbourne Australia

Bachelor of Science (Hons) di Bidang Perbankan dan Kewangan – perbankan Islam sebagai modul utama – MDIS Uzbekistan

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) di Business (Perbankan & Kewangan) – Perbankan dan Kewangan Islam sebagai elektif – University of Welsh UK

Sarjana Kewangan Islam (Perbankan) (Hons) – Selangor International Islamic University College (KUIS) Malaysia

Sarjana Kewangan Islam (Pasaran Modal) (Hons) – Selangor International Islamic University College (KUIS) Malaysia

Sarjana Kewangan Islam (Takaful) (Hons) – Selangor International Islamic University College (KUIS) Malaysia

Sarjana Kewangan dan Perbankan Islam (Hons) – Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

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France First Islamic Finance Seminar on Risk Management in Islamic Finance

If Islamic finance has been more resilient to the crisis than its conventional counterpart, it is because it is less risky, have found many industry players.. However, this statement does not reflect the inherent risks of Islamic banks themselves, whether their particular balance sheet structure, the specificity of certain products offered in terms of international regulatory standards, the issue of governance by independent banks that are Shariah Boards, as well as non-quantifiable risks related to compliance vis-à-vis its ethics, even though this nascent industry must also face the challenges inherent in the cyclical phase of industrialization and internationalization.

The issue of risk management in Islamic finance that is more central, since, first, some risks of its own, and secondly because it is from that depends the future of this industry claims to be born to offset the risk issue of conventional finance, forgetting, perhaps, it could be faced with issues of risk no less significant.

For this conference co-organized by the University Paris-Dauphine and Arrow Financial Consulting, six roundtables will address the specifics of risk management in Islamic banks (credit risk, market risk, operational risk, legal risk, risk liquidity risks in order of religious interpretation. Our partners Oracle, Thomson Reuters and Altima Charles Riley also address the need to develop reliable decision tools and the need to industrialize the process.

Paris Thursday, January 28, 2010

University Paris-Dauphine

Raymond Aron Hall 2 nd Floor

Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 75775 PARIS Cedex 16

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The offensive of Islamic finance in France

Last November Paris-Dauphine, one of 10 best universities in Europe, opens his master of Islamic finance, six months after the closure of its flagship training for future traders. In a few months, the Qatar Islamic Bank, Islamic establishment, may open a branch in France. A first while large French banks have already invested in this segment in the Gulf, including Bahrain, through a mark of BNP Paribas and Calyon.

Its rules based on Islamic law – sharia – proved a major asset. It not only prohibits investment in sectors considered “illegal”, such as alcohol, pork, prostitution and gambling, but it also prohibits the payment of interest and speculation.Only investment in tangible assets are allowed. Result, the sector has remained aloof from the securitization of loans “subprime” and U.S. assets managed “Sharia compliant” around the world have reached a record $ 840 billion of assets worldwide according to Moody’s.In France, in the real estate sector, “3 to 5 billion inventory of assets are financed on a Shariah compliant,” observes Anwar Hassoune specialist credit risk at Moody’s and professor at Paris-Dauphine.

Lagarde’s many initiatives

A financial windfall that irrigates more but the City of London and Geneva instead of that of Paris. Without sufficient financial rules adapted to Islamic financial instruments, the France penalty to attract liquidity from the Gulf. According to a report published in late 2008 Europlace, Paris might yet priced at a few simple reforms, “acquire global leadership given the cultural proximity of France with Muslim countries” and the importance of the Muslim community. An Ifop poll for the Association of innovation for economic development, real estate, conducted in spring 2008 on a representative sample of the population, shows that 55% of French Muslims, more than 2.5 million people, are interested in a “bank offers consistent with their religious or ethical beliefs.

This potential expansion of Islamic finance is not immune to Bercy. Since taking office in June 2007, the Economy Minister, Christine Lagarde, has repeatedly mentioned the need to develop the financial sector.Slowly but surely, she has adapted legislation, including tax provisions allowing for “better welcome” real estate investors within the rules of Islamic ethics.The tenant Bercy has even met with presidents of Islamic banks. Last November, she invited them to the Ministry in the presence of elected officials and business leaders. Parmi les convives : Carlos Ghosn. Among the guests: Carlos Ghosn. The president of Renault-Nissan has stressed the importance for French companies to diversify their sources of funding. But for now, the arrangements comply with sharia law to raise funds are “expensive” with “very complex legal issues”, he fell.Obstacles to the issuance of “sukuk”, these Islamic bonds for which the subscriber receives a portion of profits from its investment and are one of the most dynamic products in Islamic finance, hamper investor interest, according to experts .

Reluctance on behalf of secularism

The necessary legislative changes are not without resistance, right and left. In October, the Socialist deputies were blocking an amendment to the Civil Code allows a holder of sukuk “able to exercise a right of ownership of media assets,” under the principle of secularism. “Do not introduce the principles of sharia, or ethics of the Koran, nor the Canon Law nor the Talmud or the Torah. Is unacceptable,” justifies Henri Emmanuelli, MP PS Landes.

Anwar Hassoune tempers and stresses that such reservations are “not confined to France. ll emerging markets of Islamic finance initially have had a reaction of distrust and even rejection. e said “Islamic finance is not there to Islamicize France, she is there to moralize financial transactions. It is not for Muslims, it is an additional compartment socially responsible finance.  finding that also sounds like a marketing argument which could rebound on French institutions to attract the largest number at a time when the “socially responsible” is fashionable, and where the crisis has damaged the image of banks.

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International forum on Islamic finance – Sengal

 Interview with President of the African Institute of Islamic finance, (IFIA), Mouhamadou Lamine Mbacké in Le Soleil (Senegal)

L’Institut africain de la finance islamique, en partenariat avec le Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances, organise un forum international sur la finance islamique les 11 et 12 janvier prochains. The African Institute of Islamic finance, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, organized an international forum on Islamic finance on 11 and 12 January. Peut-on savoir les objectifs ? Can we know the goals?

La finance islamique est une forme de finance alternative et éthique qui fait appel à des techniques spécifiques de structuration financière. Islamic finance is a form of alternative finance and ethics that uses specific techniques of financial structuring. Elle est de l’ordre de 800 milliards de dollars de capitaux qui échappent à notre pays et, bien au-delà des frontières, notre sous-région. It is around 800 billion dollars of capital beyond our country and beyond borders, our sub-region. L’Institut africain de la finance islamique, en partenariat avec le Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances, en effet, organise un forum les 11 et 12 janvier prochains pour expliquer les piliers fondamentaux de la finance islamique, créer un cadre de rencontre entre décideurs pour jeter les bases d’une grande opportunité d’investissements directs vers notre pays et dans l’espace Uemoa. The African Institute of Islamic finance, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in fact, is organizing a forum on 11 and January 12 next to explain the fundamental pillars of Islamic finance, create a meeting between makers to lay the foundations for a great opportunity to direct investments to our country and in the UEMOA area.

Quelles sont les retombées pour le Sénégal ? What are the benefits for Senegal?

Ce forum pose aussi les jalons d’une formation des professionnels et d’experts dans ce domaine à travers l’Aiif (African institute of islamic finance) qui positionnera nos pays pour faciliter l’implantation de grandes institutions financières islamiques. This forum also presents the foundation for training professionals and experts in this field through the IFIA (African institute of Islamic finance) that will position our country to facilitate the implementation of major Islamic financial institutions. Le forum permettra, entre autres, une meilleure connaissance des produits financiers islamiques par l’ensemble des participants. The forum will, among other things, a better understanding of Islamic financial products by all participants. Ce Forum devrait donner un vrai coup d’accélérateur aux réformes entreprises par les institutions régulatrices de l’économie (Bceao et Ministère des Finances) pour rendre notre environnement juridique favorable à la finance islamique, à l’image de la France et de l’Angleterre. This forum should give a real boost to reforms undertaken by the institutions regulating the economy (BCEAO and the Ministry of Finance) to make this legal environment conducive to Islamic finance, the image of France and the England. Les décideurs publics et privés de l’Uemoa dont le chef de l’Etat Me Abdoulaye Wade et le gouverneur de la Bceao au premier chef feront face aux institutions internationales de la finance islamique. Policymakers and private UEMOA whose Head of State His Excellency Abdoulaye Wade and the governor of the BCEAO will primarily deal with international institutions of Islamic finance. Il s’agira d’allier la volonté politique au pragmatisme des technocrates de la finance afin de faire bénéficier nos populations de ces nouvelles sources d’investissements directs. It will combine the political pragmatism technocrat’s finance in order to benefit our people in these new sources of direct investment. Ceci permettra une adhésion des acteurs du service financier au projet de développement de la finance islamique. This will allow adhesion of the financial service to the proposed development of Islamic finance. Elle sera certainement une porte d’entrée pour les grandes institutions financières islamiques comme Dubaï islamic bank ou Kuwait finance house qui étudient sérieusement l’option de s’implanter dans les pays de l’Uemoa. It will certainly be a gateway for major Islamic financial institutions such as Dubai Islamic Bank and Kuwait Finance House seriously studying the option to locate in the UEMOA countries.

Quelle place la finance islamique doit-elle occuper dans l’espace Uemoa ? What role Islamic finance should it occupy in the UEMOA space?

L’espace Uemoa, qui est un exemple d’intégration économique remarquable, est un réceptacle naturel pour la finance islamique car intégrant des pays comme le Sénégal, avec une population de plus de 95% musulmane. WAEMU area, which is an example of remarkable economic integration, is a natural receptacle for Islamic finance as incorporating countries like Senegal, with a population of over 95% Muslim. La demande en produits financiers islamiques y est donc importante. The demand for Islamic financial products is so important. Parallèlement à cela, elle constitue, par sa stabilité, un ensemble de pays émergents prêts à accueillir les investissements directs avec des taux de rentabilité intéressants pour les investisseurs. Alongside this, it is by its stability, a set of emerging markets ready for direct investments with rates of return attractive to investors. Même si le chemin est balisé (environnement juridique encore quelque peu inadapté), l’Uemoa devrait se positionner à l’image de l’Angleterre et de la France comme réceptacle des surplus pétroliers du Golfe en quête de potentiels d’investissements rentables. Even if the path is marked (legal environment still somewhat irrelevant), UEMOA should position itself in the image of England and France as a receptacle for excess oil in the Gulf in search of profitable investment potential. A l’image des différents programmes de développement et de réduction de la pauvreté, la finance islamique devrait être en droite ligne avec les Objectifs du millénaire pour le développement (Omd). Like the different development programs and poverty reduction, Islamic finance should be in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). L’Uemoa, avec huit pays disposant d’une monnaie unique, fait figure de destination porteuse pour les investisseurs vers les pays émergents. The UEMOA, with eight countries having a single currency, is something of destination carrier for investors to emerging markets. La finance islamique, par ailleurs, aide les populations à sortir de la pauvreté. Islamic finance, moreover, helps lift people out of poverty. Elle a une particularité qui repose sur des principes de partage des profits, donc s’insère naturellement à nos traditions de solidarité et d’entraide. It has a feature that is based on principles of profit sharing, thus fits naturally with our traditions of solidarity and mutual assistance. Elle bannit l’incertitude, la spéculation, l’intérêt, l’usure ou les revenus issus de secteurs illicites. It casts uncertainty, speculation, interest, usury or income from illegal sectors. Elle semble très adaptée aux besoins de croissance des pays en développement. It seems very appropriate to the needs of growth in developing countries. Enfin, à travers les Sukuks ou obligations islamiques, une nouvelle opportunité de financement des infrastructures dont nos pays ont infiniment besoin reste ouverte. Finally, through sukuk or Islamic bonds, a new funding opportunity for infrastructure, which our countries have, much need remains open. L’Uemoa devrait la capter. The UEMOA should receive it.


A serious Islamic Financial event for Cyprus

The party member of the European Union of Cyprus wishes primarily attract foreign investment next year and believes that establishing a framework to attract Islamic finance is a powerful argument.

For Sotiris Sotiriou, Director-General of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), “Banking and finance remain our priority development There are some sub-sectors like Islamic finance and investment funds that seem particularly promising and we are currently formulating our strategy around these concepts.  

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