Islamic Finance and the Japanese Economy

In Islamic Finance, in a nutshell the Merchant of Venice (to be bank and consumer finance in Japan normally) the act of taking an interest as they are not allowed banks to take risks with how a borrower must He could have been. And to reflect on the world’s financial globalization is to review the direction of Islamic finance in Japan has been to point out that the deviations from the trend.

Livedoor’s problems and hedge funds will be lent, the interest rate of zero (although this may be the ultimate Islamic finance), as the antithesis to Islamic unhappy that Japan’s financial institutions, financial administration for the financial, and consumer Finance had been shown. If the financial experts, What a thing to do may be rejected in the Maeru Words.

Although Japan and the United States was involved in globalization rather, they read the sentence, I thought it should also more closely in contact with Islamic culture. On a blog site that it had been up the full column, leave the quotes from it.

“The Rise of Islamic Finance”

Islamic finance has been active in soaring oil prices. Middle East oil producing countries oil revenue in 2005 to 300 million expected ÄÞ 1000 reached the “oil money” is not being. Islamic banks to manage funds in accordance with the teachings of the Koran in one of wherever.  Koran is “interest” has been banned. Has denied the acts confirmed to take an interest only loan the money to be more accurate. Only those who will bear the risk business .Has devoured my time away and take a mortgage interest is immoral, but the idea.

Islamic Finance and straightforward if you want to deny the Merchant of Venice.

But to deny the interest rate banks not hold. Trial and error without taking the money to put up interest rates there has been examined from the mid-20 century.

And joint venture banks and the borrowers to collect a premium to the principal and split the profits if successful. Take a lease fee or to buy the bank materials. How to take the risk of a variety of businesses and banks, however, suffer a loss if it fails. It also features a responsible lender.

There were strict requirements to suppliers. Alcohol, gambling, pork and funding will not touch the commandment. Avoid any companies that interest income is more than half of the profits. Money games that do not provide the money.

Honesty, fairness, mutual assistance based on Islam. Islamic banks “Shariah Committee” in an organization called the examination whether the funds are used according to Islamic law. Earnings management to put more emphasis on ethics, corporate social contributions (CSR) and corporate compliance (compliance) is similar to trends.

Trend is spreading to Asia. Malaysia has become a popular former Prime Minister Mahathir era of Islamic finance. It sparked outrage in the Asian currency crisis was triggered by speculative hedge funds said. Thailand has encouraged the revitalization of the regional Islamic financial Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

The U.S. and European financial institutions, including Citibank and Bank Paribas,

Eagerness to become Islamic finance, including funding and expertise to make a branch subsidiary. Oil prices overlap there.

Bahrain and Dubai to the main street of the “Islamic banks” signs are everywhere.

Now about 200 banks in 40 countries and over 300 million more than 1000 ÄÞ running the fund, Called. Buried under the modern financial system of Western rationalism, and the City of London. NY swept the world from Wall Street. In principle compete with supremacist underlying earnings

Is a byproduct money loser’s game winner.

Islamic finance seems like Western-style finance has emerged as a counterbalance.

In an attempt to show alternatives to proprietary financial globalization without ethics is

Shows that the world situation today. However, Japanese banks are not moving at all in this area.