Dissertation Topics in Islamic Finance

imagesSelection of a dissertation topic is complicated and time consuming task. In fact, it is the most important activity in dissertation writing. The students in Islamic Finance field should go for a dissertation topic that interests them and that has enough research-able material associated to it. The Islamic Finance students are not encourage to select a topic or area in which no researcher has done as they will have to face the problem in terms of information collection.

The selection of dissertation topic is not an imaginative activity. The student start the topic selection keeping their interest area and available information to them. The topic selection should happen on random basis as it will lead to problems in collecting information in that area.

The Islamic Finance students should spend time in researching journal, books, articles, news papers, essays, web and other written materials for information search in their chosen areas. There are lot of research articles, book and websites on Islamic finance field. The web can used by the students as main source of information as it have most of the libraries and periodicals or at least they have abstract of the research done. The students have to select several dissertation topics in their research area out of them, they will have to look for best suitable topic based on interest and selection criteria. The dissertation should be current and contemporary which will make the reader interested and find no problems in understanding the context.

Dissertation proposals – Doctoral Level and master level

These are dissertation or thesis proposal. Researcher are free to develop based on these themes. These proposal includes the marketing, information technology , strategic management, human resource management and contemporary thoughts.

The author expects contribution from the researchers and students for preparation of dissertation or thesis topic selection( These just sample can be modified as per user requirements)


Islamic banking
Islamic Financial Instruments
Islamic Financial Instruments development
The role of Sharia’a boards in Islamic financial instrument development
The sources of uses of funds in Islamic banks
Islamic banking product to help the international trade
Compare the customer deposits between Islamic and conventional bank
Murabaha or Ijara : The best financing
Mudaraba or Musharaka : The best equity financing

Cooperation with….
Study on How do Islamic bank cooperate with conventional bank in international trade
Study on How do Islamic bank cooperate with central banks in conventional environment
Structure and functions
The function of commercial banking: Compare the Islamic and conventional banks
Structure of Islamic bank : compare with the conventional bank
Internalization of Islamic banks
Customer relationship between the conventional and Islamic banks
Profit and Loss sharing mechanism of Islamic Bank

Interbank transaction of Islamic bank – current system and proposals
Interbank borrowing of Islamic banks
Tawarruq as a tool of interbank borrowing
Interbank bench mark for Islamic banks – proposals

Mergers and Acquisition
Cross border mergers and acquisition of Islamic banks
Do mergers or acquisition will affect the efficiency of Islamic banks
Islamic banks entry – from a country perspective

Corporate governance, accounting and Risk management
Risk management in Islamic banks

Corporate social responsibility
Islamic bank and corporate social responsibility
Islamic banking and poverty alleviation
Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic Banks

Performance of Islamic bank and conventional bank in a selected country
Measuring the productivity of Islamic banking
Islamic Banks performance in industrial lending
Measuring the performance of Islamic Banks

Customer relationship, marketing, strategy
Investigating the Customer Relationship Management in Islamic banks – (case can be taken from any bank or country perspective)
Investigating the customer loyalty in Islamic banks
Identifying the competitive strategy of Islamic banks: a comparison with conventional banks
Developing a model for customer loyalty in Islamic banks
Brand management of Islamic Financial institutions
Customer loyalty for Islamic banks
Consumer behavior for Islamic credit cards

Customer perception of Islamic banking windows in Conventional Banks
Investigating the CRM activities in Islamic Banks
Switching behavior of Conventional banks to Islamic Banks – An international perspective

Credit crises
Islamic mortgage system as a solution for current credit crises
The effect of credit crises in Islamic banking
Measuring the effect of credit crises in Islamic Banking
Islamic banks less affected by credit crises

History, development and challenges
Development or establishment of issues of Islamic banking – in particular country or region
Islamic Banking in (country) – Development, perspectives and evolution
Challenges faced by the Islamic banks
Challenge: Arabic terminology – Merits and demerits

Islamic banking and knowledge management
Knowledge Management in Islamic banks
Skill gap and recruitment gap for Islamic financial institution

Sharia’a board
Sharia’a Boards in Islamic banks
Influence of religious boards or Sharia’a councils in Islamic banks

Islamic Economics
Fiscal policy Islamic economy

Inflation in Islamic economy

How Islamic economy can reduce the inflation

Contribution of Islamic economy in infrastructure development of developing country

How the choices made by human race in Islamic economic system with scare resources
Is resource scare in Islamic Economy?
Opportunity cost from Islamic Economics perspectives
Reducing the effects of climate change
Development of SME in Islamic based economies
Islamic economy and Adams Smith a comparative study
Labor migration in Islamic economy
Unemployment and Islamic economic system
How Islamic economic system can reduce the unemployment
Solution for unemployment under the Islamic economy
Poverty alleviation in Islamic economy
Islamic economic model as solution for global economic crises
International trade under Islamic economic model
Foreign exchange depreciation and appreciation in Islamic economic model
Micro finance in Islamic economy
How Market equilibrium decided in Islamic economy
Comparative analysis of socio-economic development of Islamic economy and socialist economy
Comparative analysis of socio-economic development of Islamic economy and capitalistic economy
How the Islamic economic models contribute to the productivity increase
Contribution of Islamic economy for financial stability and macroeconomic gains
Capital mobility in Islamic economic system
Islamic finance system and economical growth
Islamic finance system and economical growth
Islamic banks in poverty alleviations
Economical functions of Islamic Financial Market

Islamic Capital Market
How does an Islamic financial market works
Investment: An Islamic perspective
Development or Growth of Islamic capital market
The products in Islamic capital market
Filtering the stocks for Islamic investments

New topics (latest edition)
Analysis of derivatives instruments by Islamic banks
Comparative study of Islamic and Conventional banks
Compare Value at Risk between Sukuk and conventional bonds
Credit Risk Management in Islamic and Conventional Banks: Analysis
Derivatives instrument used in Islamic Finance
Financial engineering in Islamic finance industry : Country comparison.
How corporate governance is different from conventional banking and Islamic banking
How Islamic banks can help in Economic Development
Islamic banking experiences : A country comparative analysis or study
Islamic Banking in the ……. (country): Opportunities and threats
Islamic Banking Theories and Practices : country analysis
Islamic banking windows/ system into Conventional Banking Systems
Islamic Finance: As an alternative social responsible and ethical investing.
Islamic Financial Institutions and Products
Legal and ethical issues in Islamic banking
Liquidity Risk Management in Islamic and Conventional Banks: Analysis
Micro Financing in Islamic finance industry : For country developments.
Murabaha Financing vs. Conventional leasing: cash flow and risk analysis
Transferring from conventional to Islamic banking
Current account contracts in Islamic banking : A comparative study between Islamic contracts of Amanah, Qard Hasan, Wadiah


153 thoughts on “Dissertation Topics in Islamic Finance

  1. all the topic are interesting and i liked the profitability of islamic finance and how the islamic finance will reduce the inflation .If i would like to do my dessertation in one of these topic and i would like to do quantative part in that, which model suitable in islamic finance and which type of data i can use ,pls if i can got any email for any one has a knowledge in that asap to discuss that with her or him.


    • There are no difference doing research in Islamic finance compared to the conventional. You can use what ever method used for business research. Please refer my page on research methodology


  2. Hi there

    I am looking to do a PhD in islamic insurance and still searching for current research topic in islamic insurance. Thus, I will glad if you provide with your thoughs.



  3. i going to write my dessertation about risk management in islamic banking. Thus i will be glad if you help me me with your thoughs.


  4. I think a PhD student should select his/her own topic, to do that he/she should read alot,So let somebody eles select your topic will not fit,But you can show that you have a few topics and need help in the selection process of one of them.


    • Thank you. These dissertation topics are guide only and will inspire the students to do more reading.


  5. This is really amazing article, although candidate must select topic itself but atleast this article is giving very good directions about the topics.
    I am going to pursue my Phd in the area of “Islamic Investment Management”. So please suggest me some topics. Thanks for your kind time and consideration.


    • I would suggest you to do something on Liquidity strategies in Islamic financial institutions


      • Although am too late to thank you but am back now Alhumdullah. Due to some personal reasons I was unable to start my M.Phil/Phd. but now am here and please guide me in “” Liquidity strategies in Islamic financial institutions “” as am resident of Pakistan. I mean please elaborate this topic so that I would be able to pick the point. Thanks and Jazak Allah.


  6. I want to write my dissertation on Islamic banking on Human resources management, in this regard can some body provide me any help plz. I am in sever tension.


  7. The apex regulatory bank in my Country just approved Islamic Banking in my country. This has generated a lot of controversies especilaly form other religious sects. I intend to carry out a research work on the COMPETITIVE STRATEGY OF ISLAMIC BANKING COMPARE TO CONVENTIONAL BANKING. I need support from experts and friendly Supervisors. Can you assist on this??


  8. Salam, i want write ma dissertation on customer perception of islamic windows in conventional banks, pls i need a help dnt know where to start


      • Assalamu Alaikum va-rahmathullahi va-barakathuhu
        I am studying MSc Islamic Banking and finance in UK, I studyed
        B.com in india i dont no about islamic banking basic things could you help me. I need basic of islamic banking and finance.


        • Follow a baisc course in Islamic Finance such Diploma In Islamic Banking – from Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance UK


          • last time i asked about basic of islamic banking now i am learning fundamental of islamic banking now only i read lot of books insha allah it will help me to learn islamic banking thanks for your fast reply i saw the lots of question u answer the student quesation in your website u r doing best education daawa keep your work.
            i going to prepare my thesis in islamic banking my title is “Evolution of islamic banking in UK i need full information about UK islamic banking and conventional banking islamic window in uk.



          • Assalamu Alaikum

            1. I have to write critical issues in islamic banking and finance in my thesis which topic is suitable for my study i would like to receive your suggestion?

            2. What is the differences between traditional banking corporate governance system and islamic banking corporate governance system and Basel II of International banking standard is applicable to islamic banking if it is applicable what are effect will happen in islamic banks?

            3. How islamic banking differ from conventional banks way that mobilize and allocate resources?



    • research in Islamic investment has good scope. You do research like screening process for Islamic investments or islamic investment ethics..


  9. I would like to persue my Phd in measuring the performance and productivity of the Islamic Banks. What is the best source I can get the related data from?


    • you can relate the Islamic financial instruments used for Islamic banking or how does an Islamic bank make it relationship with conventional bank for international trade.


  10. Assalam,

    I am trying to do phd in finance, one my proposal is rejected, i like to do phd in islamic finance, interested to know islamic finance, could you some one guide me to choose a good topic.

    I am working in a FMCG,Kuwait,as a asst,asset administrator, 11 years experience , M.B.A (Fin),M.C.S,Mphil is my qualification. (just for information about my studies)

    Thanks in advance

    Mohd Ismail


  11. salam-o-alikum
    I am doing my MA in Islamic banking and submitted my research proposal on Islamic & conventional mortgage in uk and its comparison …
    but supervisor said you cant bcoz in UK Muslims community 2.5million and other communities whole UK so you cant do comparison as the ratio is 03% for Islamic and conventional is 99.7%, i have just got a week in my hand to re-do my proposal …so any worthy topic you can suggest me…please need your help brother.please



    • You cannot compare the mortage market for conventional and Islamic market. But you can do the research on performance of mortgage market compareing both Islamic and Conventional. or how the mortage market was effected by credit crunch comparing both Islamic and conventional


  12. thank you very much for you help …now my supervisor told me to completely change this topic and search on this topic to reach the minimum standard…could you help me by adding or redrafting something in this topic so I can continue my dissertation as I have just got a month in my hand…new topic is

    Islam’s Philinthropic concept and its impacts on Poverty Allivation in a Muslim economy ?

    thanks again


  13. Hello, Im doing my master degree and I was thinking about writing my thesis for the topic: “Does islamic financing/banking contribute economic growth in non-muslim countries? ” ( in case of UK) and conclude according to my findings, is it good idea to launch Islamic banks or othe fin institutions in non-muslim countries…but Im not sure how can I separate the growth of economy in UK which was generated by Islamic financing….I would love to receive your comments on that issue….thank you in advance….


  14. Hi there,

    I am doing my MSc Int Busi Mgt with Finance from Dubai…
    i am kind of stuck as to which topic to choose for my dissertation.
    since I am doing my degree n dubai i am interested to do something in Islamic Banking and Finance.
    My interests would be :
    Mergers and acquisitions
    Portfolio Management

    If someone can help me i’l be really greatful..

    Thank You


  15. Hello, i am doing MSc islamic banking in uk i want know about islamic stock market and how it differ from conventional market?


    • There is nothing called pure Islamic stock market exist. But sharia scholars are have permitted to transact in the conventional stock market. The stock need to go through sharia screening process and If the stock found to be sharia complaint the stock can be transacted, but short selling of stock is not allowed.


  16. hey, i have a dissertation on critical appraisal of ijarah products, can anyone tell me what to use in research methodology. please thanks in advance!


  17. Assalamu Alaikum

    I am doing MSc islamic banking and finance in UK, In my thesis i have to choose contemporary issue in islamic finance. Which one is suitable for my study in this current trend give your valuable imformation.

    Thank you,


    • – Uniformity in sharia board decision
      – Harmonizing the financial reporting for IFI
      – Developing Islamic hedge funds


  18. Assalamu Alaikum

    1. I have to write contemporary issue in islamic banking & finance for my thesis work which one is suitable for my study in this current trend please give your best opinion.

    2. What is difference between traditional banking corporate governance system and islamic banking system and basel II of banking supervision system is applicable to islamic banking? if it is applicable what are the effect will happen in islamic banking give some real time example?

    3.How to islamic banking differ from conventional banking the way of that mobilize and allocate resources?



    • The major different with regard to CG in Islamic banking is sharia governance. The conventional banks does not have sharia governance.


      • What are the issues arising islamic equity finance (Musharakah & Mudarabah) Why the industry did not focus more on equity based financing?



          • Could you please tell me what are the higher risk involve in this product (Equity based) most of the islamic banks constituted 2% of total financing in this technique e.g Malaysia why?as an islamic financing expert i am expecting your valuable information.



  19. I am a PhD Student found the website very useful towards completing my studies.
    Fantastic Resource May Almighty reward those behind this great resource.


  20. Salam Aleiykum,

    Im thinking about writing a Dissertation about Islamic FInance. My main aim is to contribute to the establishing of islamic Finance in Germany (all we got here are two companys which offer some products,BUT both are new and not very known within the muslim-comounity).

    Al7amdulillah i have a wide (big) network within teh islamic comunity which wud help me to do empirical studies. I also did already qualittaive reserach with wud allow me to do a qualitative reserach.

    I have to appeals to you:

    1. I wane write a offer to the two existing companys to make reserach (a disseration) for them. Any ideas what exactly i cud research (write about?).

    2. I thought about writing such a offer to banks in malaysia or dubai and to offer to make a market analysis with them…. u think thats a good idea?

    How can u assis me with that?

    Thank u wa JAK




    • I am sorry, I really did not understand exactly what you mean here. But I can guide you with your dissertation. You can write your dissertation about Future prospects of Islamic finance in Germany.


      • Hallo, I let my friend check my english appeal. Maybe you understand it now better.


        Salam Aleiykum ,

        I am considering writing a doctoral thesis about the topic of Islamic Finance as it relates to Germany. My main goal is to contribute to the establishment of an Islamic financial system in Germany (so far, there are only two companies offering a few products, but both are new and not very well known within the Muslim community).

        Thank Allah I have a vast network within the Islamic community that I can rely on for empirical studies. I also have experience with qualitative research.
        I have 3 questions for you:

        1. I want to write a proposal to the two existing companies offering research in the form of my dissertation to them. Any ideas about what exactly I could research?

        2. I thought about writing such a proposal to banks in Malaysia or Dubai with the offer of doing a market analysis with or for them. Do you think that would be a good idea? Are such proposals common?

        3. What do you think is necessary or are possible (topics) to contribute to the establishment of an Islamic financial system in Germany/Europe?

        Thank you w JAK


        PS: May I ask you who are you andyour professional background in islamic Finance?


  21. Hi

    Salam to you all

    We are two students, in UK, who have to do our MSc dissertation in Islamic Finance this summer. We need some help please for just choosing two interesting topics in this field. We are looking for topics that are worth writing about and have resources available for them.

    1. Islamic Financial Instruments
    2. Islamic Hedging techniques
    3. Is Islamic Finance Historical Costing model or Fair Value (market value) model?
    4. How Islamic economy can reduce the inflation
    5. Foreign exchange depreciation and appreciation in Islamic economic model
    6. Is Operation Lease and Financial (Capital) Lease in Islamic Finance. I really got confused if this is same as “Murabaha or Ijara : The best financing”.

    Please advice. Any other suggested topics please. Your help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you


  22. Salam Aleiykum, i wrote a comment.. i dont find it. was it deleated. or will it appear after u replied? it was about writing a dissertation in germany……


  23. Salam to you all

    I am doing my MSc in Accounting and Finance in UK. I am really confused to find a topic for my 12,000 words dissertation since this topic should close a gap in literature. This means that I have to bring a topic where the literature did not discuss it before or there is a recent question or topic that has a big debate around it.

    As a muslim I wanted to do something in Islamic Finance. I though about hedging but somebody has already chose this topic.

    Any advice please for such a topic with these criteria.

    Thank you all.


  24. I am currently working on a topic “Global Financial Recession and Islamic Equity Instruments: A profile of survival” ……it is very interesting to work on such a living topic but the problem is of ” non professionalism” due to which sometimes i fail to understand many financial terms as for as their applicability is concern. Almost i have completed except ” relevance of Islamic instruments in contemporary financial scenario”…..can any body help me in this direction…….


  25. Assalamu Alaikum
    In my dissertation i selected the “Comparision between Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic and conventional banks in UK: A Customer prespective”. i collect several meterial related to CSR unfortunately which is not relevant to UK Islamic banking practices of CSR I am dilemma in this situation and i cannot able to change the topic in this movement. As a Islamic financial expert please suggest any idea for my research.


  26. Assalamualaikum

    I’m currently doing my PhD in Marketing Accountability in Islamic Financial institutions. However, my first proposal was rejected. Now I am confused what shall I do if I still want to do my research in this area where should my focus be? I read a lot about marketing accountability but very limited on Islamic Finance. Can you help me by suggesting which area I should concentrate. Your help is highly appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance


  27. I really appreciated these topical issues. Thks may Allah (swt) bless you. I am currently on my proposal trying to look into Environmental factors and acceptability of Islamic Banking in a secular economy. Do you think this proposal is researchable. it seem to me there is limited literature on this pls I need your help


  28. Hi I am studying accounting and finance, writing a 6000 word dissertation/project. Need a current topic but one that i will find information on, I wanted this chance to broaden my knowledge in islamic accounting theories too. Is there any thing that you suggest I should do? Your help would be appreciated. The module areas I need to choose from are auditing, financial management, financial reporting and management accounting. Thank you.


  29. Salam alikom w ra7matu ALLAH w barakatuh,
    jazakom ALLAH khairan for this amazing website.
    Im currently working on a comparative study between Islamic and conventional banks in many aspects: deposits growth, profitability, vulnerability to crisis…, I know that many papers had been dealing with this topic, but im plannin to make wide my population under study (North Africa, CGC,..). This part is just an introduction to The second part will be about implementation of islamic bankin in my country (were no islamic bank existes).
    1- do u think its Ok? to make a Ph.D topic like this (the new point in the first part is just the wider popolution of islamic banks im investigating)
    2- do u know any empirical model suitable to study the feasability of the islamic banks entry into a country? (5 banks are competing to enter this year, can I make an empirical comparison between these banks)

    Many thanks, and happy to be the first poster of 2013, happy and blessed year btw.
    Many thanks
    Lin Na


  30. sir i am a student of msc economics.and i want to write a term paper on islamics finance.kindly help me to select some suitable topics for my work.Thanks


  31. hello there i am kind of decided about doing a research degree on either Islamic banking or Islamic finance but struggling to find a topic that will fulfill my research requirements. can i please ask to you suggest a topic easy to find materiel on. thanks


  32. Hello there 🙂 I am a masters student in Accountancy and I would like to make a masters dissertation on Islamic Finance but I want it to be related to accounting. Do you think that there are any research issues which I can deal with in this respect? Thanks


    • You can do research in Islamic Accounting which quiet a new field in Islamic finance or following possible topics
      Harmonizing the accounting practices in Islamic financial institutions.
      comparison of accounting standards by Islamic accounting standards setting bodies with International accounting standards


      • However, I need to apply my study to Malta. I was thinking about researching the applicability of Islamic Financial Products to Malta and their financial implications. Do you think its good?


  33. hello dear i want to do research in islamic banking and finance, but i am very confused to choose the topic, i choosed two topic but my supervisor refuse these topic because it unprove able , please give me some adive which topic i choosed and whose data is easily available , please give me the topic which will be proveable on the end.


    • Selection of topics is depend on you and the supervisor.Fisrst select the topic based on your interest. Then talked to your supervisor with litreture reviews. Topics can be proved as long as you do quality professional research.


  34. AOA. brother i want to do my thesis on comparison of islamic vs conventional banking by using data environment analysis (DEA) aproach could you help me on it. i want your assistnce regarding DEA approach.


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