Road Show on Islamic Banking starts in Pakistan


A national Road Show consisting of over 300 awareness interactive programmes in Islamic Banking and Takafulcovering 100 cities throughout Pakistan has been started. Al-Huda the Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics started the programme from Khyber 10, March, 2010 and it would be concluded on April 10, says a press release.

The prime objective of this program is to promote logical awareness about Islamic Banking and Takaful among the businessmen and industrialists.

This caravan of Islamic Financial Road Show includes 30 Chambers of Commerce and Industry, over 40 private and public sector universities, 10 press clubs, over 25 trade and business associations and over 200 public awareness meeting at different Islamic Banking Branches of the Islamic Banks.

Five hundred thousand information leaflets on basic learning in Islamic finance and Takaful will be distributed to the participants and indirectly almost five million people will be attached to this program.

source : the finanicaldaily


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