Absence of global standardization hobbles Islamic finance industry

2 thoughts on “Absence of global standardization hobbles Islamic finance industry

  1. For
    I want my comment, this title

    “Principles of operation of the Islamic Bank,
    must the refiniment,to support of modern situates ”

    Content and function,derived from them,understanding the Islamic Bank.

    Setting the rules Basic Standards and Practices
    Is a necessity.related to:
    Establishment of an Islamic Bank, Apart from, the country or state.

    Principles, rules and operating practices,must supported,in columns The sheri’a.

    Audit The purpose of the establishment and operation of bank should be supported,the modern rules combined
    rules of sheria.

    To support rules to maintain the purity of Islamic Bank,I think, that we support the basic principles
    the sheri’a requested:

    Pellucid on the ends,to their source.

    The rules imposed on persons who would be users of funds the bank and its customers.

    To set rules on audit of bank funds and those in use.

    The rules placing on the return of Islamic funds.

    The rules set the use of profit,spreading,where to find these rules,reflection and the rules Accounting
    being classified accounts,The main synthetical and analytical account of the state under funds, Their currency and in particular the gross profit and net special the profit and placement,clear the dividend to charity,and depositing the profits from its clients.

    Phenomena should therefore be viewedin contrast,without changing the basic principles.

    I expressed a desire to cooperate,to obtain a fund
    or a loan,from an Islamic Bank,according to the principles of sheri’a.
    I’m waiting an answer from you my brother.

    contact email:idajet_korra@yahoo.it

    Idajet Korra
    Durres Albania


  2. This is the fourth article, of your website I really read.
    Still I personally love this specific 1, “Absence of global standardization hobbles Islamic finance
    industry | Islamic Finance Expert” the very best.
    Regards -Numbers


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