Role of IBBL in banking sector lauded

Different influential financial institutions of the world including IDB sent messages and letters on the occasion of 27th AGM of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. (IBBL) held recently. These messages were recited to the shareholders of the bank on the occasion.

Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Ali, President of Islamic Development Bank, in his speech congratulated all the people of Bangladesh on the completion of 27 years of Islami Bank. He said that IBBL had come a long way since its establishment in March 1983 when the ideological concept of an Islamic bank for the people of Bangladesh was born. IBBL has now emerged as a dynamic participant in the world of International Islamic finance as a source of knowledge and trained manpower.

He congratulated the shareholders, the management, the staff and all other stakeholders of IBBL for its achievements in the field of Islamic banking as well as social services through the Islami Bank Foundation. He said, this is an achievement that we can all be proud of’. He also thanked the Governments of Bangladesh (past and present), especially the Central Bank for assisting the growth of the Islamic Financial Services Industry (IFSI) in the country through creation of the requisite enabling environment.

He reiterated the IDB’s commitment towards the development of the IFSI in Bangladesh and assured that IDB will continue to assist the Government and the people of Bangladesh in their dynamic efforts towards developing the economy of Bangladesh in general and the Islamic Finance industry in particular.

Abdullah Soliaman AI-Rajhi, Sponsor Director of IBBL in his message said, Islami Banking was a dream for the people of the world. AI-Rajhi Company came forward to fulfill the dream.

He said that ‘AI-Rajhi Company tried to be by the side of the 150 million people of Bangladesh in their happiness and sorrow in future they will try to be with them for their upliftment through IBBL.

Great Abdullah Abdul Aziz AI-Raji in his speech told, IBBL has achieved reputation not only in Bangladesh but Internationally also.

This Bank now provides training and expertise to international sphere. This is the success of the people of Bangladesh.

Kuwait Finance House in its letter said that exchange of experience and expertise between Kuwait Finance House and IBBL will boost the friendly relationship.

The message said that Kuwait Finance House look forward to going ahead with cooperation of the both countries. Iman M. AI Humaidan, Secretary General of Kuwait Awkaf Public Foundation in a message thanked IBBL for sincere efforts to raise the profile of the bank worldwide. He mentioned that the two institutions will exchange fruitful cooperation in future.

The Public Authority for Minors Affairs, Kuwait in a letter said that the friendly relationship between the two institutions would boost in future and bring about far reaching results and serve the interest of both countries, in Addition to exchange of experience and expertise.

source : the new nation

Research Papers, Seminar proceedings and books in Islamic finance/economics for research candidates

It is often difficult to find the resources when writing a dissertation or thesis proposal.  Some times the candidates are forced to stop their research work as lack of access to resources or do not have access in Islamic finance and economics. Countries like UK, Pakistan, Malaysia and Bahrain have some institution to fulfil this need.  But others are facing this problem.

There are some institutions having e-library are great assets to such students. Some libraries are free and few are charging fair fees.

Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI)

This website contains research publication and books in Islamic finance and economics. 

Publications available are English, Arabic and French language.

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