The European Islamic Commercial Exhibition (EICE)







The European Islamic Commercial Exhibition (EICE) is an initiative
designed to bring together businessmen, producers, importers, distributors and investors, FROM SLAMIC AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, where  they can identify possible ways of cooperation and stimulate trade and  mutual relationships in their respective fields in order to:
Increase the visibility and the presence of Muslim products & services
in European countries.

Encourage the presence of European products & services, designed for
Muslims markets, in Muslims countries.

 Further information about the project vision and objectives can be found on ECIE2010 website

Participant sectors (but not limited to):

 -Islamic Banks/Insurance firms/Investment
 -Food & Beverage/Catering/Halal nutrition’s
 -Airlines/Travel Agencies/Tour operators.
 –Press/Media/Bookstores/publishing houses
 -Islamic traditional and handcrafts providers.
 -Islamic Civil Associations & Organizations.
 -ICT/Multimedia/Education/Learning Institutions

first edition of the EICE which will be held in Brussels Belgium

on 23 AND 24 OCTOBER 2010

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