Centre for Islamic finance planned at Durham University

DURHAM University will build on its role as a leading UK centre for teaching Islamic finance and business with a new doctoral training centre.

The Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance is a collaboration between the University’s Durham Business School and the School of Government and International Affairs.

Durham has been a centre for research in Islamic finance for over 25 years, with a significant history of PhD study which will enter a new era with the launch of the centre in the autumn. The new centre will build on this success and the international popularity of the Durham Islamic Finance Summer School, which began yesterday.

Professor Rob Dixon, dean of Durham Business School, said: “Due to such exciting and dynamic developments in the Islamic financial and banking sector, it is important that financiers and bankers who are working in the field, or who wish to enter the Islamic financial market, are aware of the principles, operations, techniques and mechanism of Islamic finance and financial products as well as the dynamics of Islamic financial and capital markets.”

Dr Mehmet Asutay, the director of the summer school and a senior member of the new centre, said: “The centre will provide exclusive facilities for research students who have chosen to specialise in Islamic finance, which will enhance Durham University’s long-standing efforts to contribute to the development of academic and intellectual discourse and the practice of Islamic finance.

“It will also support the international reputation and recognition of Durham University.”

source : nebusiess.co.uk

3 thoughts on “Centre for Islamic finance planned at Durham University

  1. i would like to have my doctoral degree in Islamic economics and finance. i have my first degree and second degree in economics in Nigeria with good grades.could you please advise me on what to do and also how to access your scholarship opportunity


    • I appriciate your intention, but I don’t have any idea of PhD scholarship offered by university. You can try by contacting the universities


  2. The apex regulatory bank in Nigeria just approved Islamic Banking. This has generated a lot of controversies especilaly form other religious sects. I intend to carry out a research work on the COMPETITIVE STRATEGY OF ISLAMIC BANKING COMPARE TO CONVENTIONAL BANKING.
    I have my B.Sc, M.Sc,(Economics) MBA with excellent grades from a University in Nigeria. I am a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years experince in Banking in Nigeria. What is the likley cost of embarking on a Phd programme??

    I would equally need support from experts and friendly Supervisors. Can you assist on this??


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