Time for rebranding Islamic finance

islamic finance brandingTurkey’s ‘participation banking’ holds appeal to spread Islamic finance globally.

Dubai: Discussants on Islamic finance at the ongoing SIBOS 2013 agreed that to be a truly global alternative, there is a need for it to be rebranded to appeal to a wider section of banking and financial customers worldwide.
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Islamic bank looks to Turkey’s sukuk

The President of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Ahmad Mohamed Al-Madani has urged Turkey to mobilize “sukuk” (Islamic bonds) to facilitate the flow of capital from Arab countries, while also suggesting that Turkey could arrange an investment conference in order to attract Arab capital.

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Islamic finance – conservative, safe and growing dramatically

New Executive Education programme for Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School is launching a new executive programme focused on the Islamic finance industry, which is fast becoming a crucial component of the global financial picture.

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Identifying marketable trends

From World Finance

After conquering much of the Middle east and Asia Pacific regions, Islamic finance is set to expand further afield to North Africa, as a number of institutions look to introduce their products and services to new locations

Withstanding a great many challenges in recent years, sharia-compliant financial products have cemented a place as a robust and attractive financial option for those seeking an assured investment opportunity. Having long interspersed the risk-averse and largely Muslim populations of the Gulf and Asia Pacific regions, a vast Islamic finance industry looks to expand further afield to unlikely and unprecedented markets such as North Africa.

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Lack Of Governance Affects Islamic Finance Growth In ME

islamic finance governanceExperts said that the Islamic finance industry is estimated to grow rapidly and more than double in the next four years.

By Mary Sophia

Lack of proper governance and regulation for Islamic finance can affect future growth and confidence of the sector in the region, industry experts have warned.

“The bigger you grow, the more transparent an industry needs to be in order to gain confidence. This happens only when there is proper governance and regulation,” said Ashruff Jamal, partner and global Islamic finance leader at PwC, Dubai.

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