Weekly Islamic Finance Industry Updates

London residential funds that are sharia compliant are likely to become more prolific, according to a local asset manager whose firm has just released the second of its property funds under this structure.
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What Does Islamic Finance Say About the Environment?

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Islamic banking growing at fast pace read more

Japanese bank group to fully launch Islamic finance in Malaysia – See more

Case Studies in Mudarabah and Musharakah

Case studies are useful to understand the concepts, and there are only a few case studies are freely available on the web. The following links will help Islamic finance students to read and practice some of the case studies in the Islamic finance. The solution manual also has been attached.

Case studies in Mudaraba contracts
Case study 1

Case studies in Mudarabah contracts
Case study 2

Case studies in Musharaka contracts
case study 1
case study 2

Weekly Industry Updates

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