Dissertation Topics in Islamic Finance and Economics (Updated)

These are dissertation or thesis proposal. Researcher are free to develop based on these themes. These proposal includes the banking, producti development, risk management, performance, economics, corporate governance, marketing, information technology, strategic management, human resource management, micro financing, Sharia board, and contemporary thoughts.

The author expects contribution from the researchers and students for preparation of dissertation or thesis topic selection( These just sample can be modified as per user requirements)

Compare the customer deposits between Islamic and conventional bank

The sources of uses of funds in Islamic banks – country or region specific comparative analysis

Islamic banking experiences : A country comparative analysis or study

Islamic Financial Instruments development

Customer relationship between the conventional and Islamic banks

Profit and Loss sharing mechanism of Islamic Bank

Interbank bench mark for Islamic banks – proposals

Developing Islamic financial instruments to ease the interbank transaction

Do mergers or acquisition will affect the efficiency of Islamic banks

Islamic banks entry – from a country perspective

Profitability and risk management of Islamic banks and IFI

Analysis of derivatives instruments by Islamic banks

Financial engineering in Islamic finance industry: Country comparison.

Financial engineering in Islamic finance for way forward ..

CSR and profitability of Islamic banks

How corporate governance is different from conventional banking and Islamic banking

Comparative analysis of performance of Islamic banks and conventional banks during the financial crises/ post or during.

Investigating the Customer Relationship Management in Islamic banks – (case can be taken from any bank or country perspective)

Islamic banks less affected by credit crises

History, development and challenges

Development or establishment of issues of Islamic banking – in particular country or region

Islamic Banking in (country) – Development, perspectives and evolution

Challenges faced by the Islamic banks

Challenge: Arabic terminology – Merits and demerits

Knowledge management and Islamic finance education

Islamic banking and knowledge management

Knowledge Management in Islamic banks

Skill gap and recruitment gap for Islamic financial institution

Employer preference of Online versus traditional degrees in Islamic qualification

How effective Islamic finance education to cater the growing demand.

Standardization or harmonization of Fatwas in Islamic banking/IFI industry.

Islamic finance industry and (Country’s) growth

Contribution of Islamic economy in infrastructure development of the developing country.

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International Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance website Free resources (www.iiisef.com)

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One thought on “Dissertation Topics in Islamic Finance and Economics (Updated)

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    I belong to Pakistan and student of PhD in Islamic finance. I am interested in performance measurement in takaful .
    Would you please give me any suggestion for the topics?

    Thank you very much. Desperately need your help.


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