Short and Simple Islamic Finance learning Videos

Investorpedia is one the highly referenced website for finance learning with short and simple videos to help the beginner to understand the complicated concept.

The United Arab Emirate (UAE) based The Islamic Economics Institute has introduced short has introduced short and simple videos on Islamic finance terms.

These videos can help the beginners of Islamic finance to understand the Islamic finance concepts, term and principle easily with colorful animated series in YouTube.

What is Islamic Finance

Short videos on Islamic finance. Islamic finance is one of the fastest growing industry with 15% growth rate and total of $3 trillion asset worldwide. Islamic finance includes Islamic banking, Islamic insurance, Islamic insurance (Takaful) and Islamic bonds (Sukuk). For further detail information on Islamic finance, follow our course in

Prohibitions in Islamic Finance – Interest/Usury (Riba in Arabic)

Types Riba (Interest/usury)

This video is about two types of usury in Islamic finance (Riba in Islamic finance).

The usury is of two kinds: First, Riba al-nasiah: This riba is based on money lending; the lender and borrower agree upfront on a fixed amount of money to be paid as a reward for the money lent.

Second, Riba al-fadl: This riba is the excess that arises during an exchange of homogenous commodities in unequal quantities or qualities. If you have low – quality gold, for example, and you want to purchase high-quality gold, you can’t exchange the two and pay the other party cash to make up the difference in value.

Prohibitions of Gambling (mysir/qimar)

Islam prohibits business transaction based on 1. Interest/Usury 2. Gharar (Uncertainty) 3. Gambling 4. Prohibited industries

Prohibition in Islamic Finance – Gharar (Deception/Deceiving)

Prohibitions in Islamic Finance – Gharar

Prohibited industry in Islamic Finance

Mudaraba – Partnership

Restricted and Unrestricted Mudarabah Account of Islamic banks

Islamic banks receives money as source funds from the customers as investments. Islamic banks invest these funds in two different ways; 1. Unrestricted investment 2. Restricted investment.

Islamic finance product – Tawaruq or Tawaruqq or Reverse Mudarabah

Islamic banking – Equity financing (Mudarabah financing and Musharaka financing)

One of the source of Islamic bank is from financing activities. The financing activities includes 1. Equity financing 2. Trade financing 3. Asset financing

Islamic banking – Asset based financing (Murabaha, Ijarah and Istisna)

One of the source of Islamic bank is from financing activities. The financing activities includes 1. Equity financing 2. Trade financing 3. Asset financing

Islamic trade financing

How do Islamic banks serve the community

Difference between Islamic bonds (Sukuk) Vs Conventional bonds

Structuring Islamic bonds – Sukuk Al Ijarah

Takaful (Islamic Insurance) Vs Conventional insurance

Structuring Takaful products (structuring Islamic insurance products)

Takaful industry and its growth

Structuring Mudarabah Funds

Launching of “Basics of Islamic Finance” – Online Islamic finance short course

Most comprehensive course in Islamic finance was launched by me in (Udemy is an online learning portal with over 130,000 courses and 35 million students).

Within two days of launching the course, 220 student enrolled and got review for 5 starts as of today.

There are 50+ animated lessons explaining the concept in simple language over 2 hours. The course also contains 8 assessment to make sure that students understood the concept. The students will be given a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

I have given maximum effort to deliver the course as an expert in the subject. This is only course in Udemy with highest ranking and with highest quality contents and assessment with animation.

The whole course was designed by me including script writing till mind map in order to make the subject easy for beginner of Islamic finance. I have been teaching Islamic finance over 10 years and observed that many instructors failed to deliver the Islamic finance basic principles in simplified way to be able to understand by the beginner. Those courses contains full of jargons and too much complicated theories. Many students does not want to even start Islamic finance thinking its something to do Arabic and Muslims.

With my extensive experience with Dummies book, (Islamic finance for dummies), I was able deliver the subject to many interested students who wanted to know about Islamic finance through webinars, seminars, workshops and classroom from beginner level to Master courses.

Over 10 years of experience, I was able to develop a very comprehensive course in Islamic finance and delivered via with the two hours animated lecture series, I could made the basics of Islamic finance understandable to anyone who does not any thing about Islamic finance.

Compared other Islamic finance courses delivered by the respected instructors, this course contains everything from Islamic banking, capital market, Islamic law and Islamic insurance. I have made most of the materials into to mind map, so that the student won’t be lost in the middle course. Further, lectures has been split into two to three minutes videos to make the subject short and simple.

Special feature about this course compared to other course, this course contain 8 quizzes to make sure the students understood the concept thoroughly. There are around 6 mini case studies has been given to explain the concept of Islamic financial instruments. These are two added advantages of this course. Further, I have enable Q & A with instructor in order to discuss with the instructor, so that my beloved student will be in touch through out the course and after completing the course also.

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Islamic finance
  2. Islamic finance industry
  3. History of Islamic finance
  4. Islamic commercial law and Islamic finance
  5. Islamic financial instruments
  6. Islamic banking
  7. Islamic capital market and instruments
  8. Islamic bonds (Sukuk)
  9. Islamic insurance (Takaful)

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