Guidelines for Writing Dissertation Proposal for Islamic Finance/Economics research

Writing a dissertation proposal is the first step in dissertation or thesis writing for a degree program. All the course participants are expected to complete a research in their course to satisfy their institution to be granted the undergraduate or post graduate degree. Writing a perfect dissertation or thesis proposal will help to complete the respective dissertation with a plan in specific period. There are no specific dissertation proposal, it vary according to the academic institutions and supervisors. Islamic Finance dissertation proposal also vary according to the institutions requirements.

The following information will help the both undergraduate and post graduate students to draft the dissertation or thesis proposal in Islamic finance or economics.

Thing to be considered when writing a successful dissertation or thesis proposal for Islamic finance or economics.

1. Before, writing a dissertation or thesis proposals in Islamic finance or Islamic economics the researcher should know the specific areas in Islamic Finance areas going to be researched. For this, they should read a lot on their field. For example, if in corporate governance in Islamic banking they should have knowledge both about corporate governance and about Islamic banks. The researchers have to read a lot on both area research on previous research and do online browsing. What ever read has to taken in to points forms, which help to get an idea of the research area selection.

2. Read the others work on dissertation proposals for Islamic finance. Identify the good and bad points in the dissertation proposal. This will help to shape your proposal award winning.

3. Study all the methodology available for research. There are plenty of books about research methodology for business and economics though you cannot find specifically for Islamic Finance. Books business statistics and methodologies books will be rich resources for you.

4. Don’t get biased with hypothesis on a researcher stick to your hypothesis. Formulate your own hypothesis. Meet the people in the Islamic finance or banking and get their opinion for your research proposal.

5. Don’t forget to read the dissertation proposals done by your predecessors in your institution.

6. Write draft dissertation proposal as much as possible. This will help you Sharpe your proposal. Talk to your supervisor and peers. Rewrite if you think that changes have to me made.

Sample Dissertation Proposal 1

Introduction to the proposed area of study

The area of study has to be clearly specified. The  Islamic finance itself have several branches. For Example Islamic banking, Islamic accounting, Islamic business, Takaful etc. The researcher has to be specific on selecting the area of the research.

Aims of the research project

What do you hope to achieve overall? Is there a hypothesis that needs to be answered?

The main objectives of the research project – what do you hope to find out? Doing a Google on Islamic finance article would be helpful this.

List your methodology / methods

State why have you chosen these methods and why not other methods. This would be comparative analysis.

Scope and limitations of the study

Is there anything that is beyond the scope of investigation? Why? (e.g. cost/time constraints)


What sources do you expect you will use? Where will you find your information?

The resources can be internet, periodicals, newspapers, research articles, books etc,


Proposed timetable for completion of each section

Proposed chapter headings with description

References – any references used

 Sample Dissertation Proposal 2

An Introduction

A Discussion or Literature Review

An Approach section for the sources, methods and procedures

An outline of chapters

A preliminary Bibliography

Sample Dissertation Proposal 4


Problem statement

Literature review



Sample Dissertation Proposal 5


Summarize the broader concepts and issues related to your topic in order to place your subject in broader context.  First selecting your topics will also get an idea of the research that you going to do.

Problem Statement

Define and present the issue in order to frame specific questions

Conceptual Framework

Construct a theoretical framework. This frame work going to test later on your dissertation.




Sample Dissertation Proposal 6


Title should not exceeding 15 words mentioning the nature of the study.


This should contain the area of that you going to investigate the outcome you expect to achieve.

Table of Contents

It will contain all the elements of the proposal along with their page numbers. It will include:

Title page


Table of contents

Statement of the problem,

Review of literature,


Appendices and Reference list

Sample Dissertation Proposal 7

Introduction or Statement of the Problem

Review of the Literature and Research Questions



Sample Dissertation Proposal 8

Introduction to the proposed area of study

The main objectives of the research project

Methodology / methods

Scope and limitations of the study


Timetable – proposed timetable for completion of each section

Proposed chapter headings