The initiative of the use of Islamic finance in Ingushetia

In the course of the works of strategic vision’s group “Russia-Islamic World”, which was held in Kuwait in 21-24 of December, Unus Bek Evkurov, the president of Ingushetia, informed that the asset complex is planned to be built in Magas. The territory is given for project, the architectural design of which is framing. Special fund and guardian council were established for financing of islamic complex’s construction. “It’s very important project for us”, – Unus Bek Evkurov emphasized.Previously Evkurov mentioned that Ingushetia was ready to offer Saudi Arabia and Kuwait the capital spending project for investment. “Particularly, it would be good for Kuwait to invest in construction business. We build on our capital, I would give the whole complex, the whole mikrorayon in order to build high-rise apartment buildings for subsequent sale of residential space”, – Evkurov said.

According to his words, in the process of agreement the additional insurance of the government may be given in order the residential space will be bought out if it couldn’t be sold.

Ingushetia also wants to secure assistance from these countries in the form of participation in mosques’ construction. “The second moment is construction of mosques and assistance not only with money, but also with participation in projects, as “North Caucasus” quotes the president of the republic.

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