La Finance Islamique

Author (s): Mr. Ruimy

Publisher (s): Arnaud Franel

ISBN10: 2-89603-141-3

 Introduction by the editor

Introduction by the editor

Islamic finance is based on strict religious principles (prohibition of usury, speculation and illegal activities – alcohol, pornography, games …) that banks seeking to implement or work around to seduce new customers.

Islamic assets have grown an annual average of 11% over the last ten years to achieve, by some estimates, 500 billion. The number of funds invested in equities, listed and unlisted real estate in Sukuk jumped from 97 in 2000 to nearly 500 today.

After presenting the religious principles governing Islamic finance, this book puts in perspective the current trends in this segment and describes, in an original and synthetic, broad overview of techniques used in financing transactions before looking management of risks.

The aim of this book is to provide practitioners with banks and financial business, a guide to the various transactions under Islamic finance, students and scholars a manual in direct financial practices banks.