Islamic Financial Training Providers

International Institute of Islamic Finance Inc

Conducting short excecutive and training courses in  Shari’ah Principles in Islamic Financial Institutions

• Islamic Capital Market 

• Accounting, Auditing and Governance Standards in Islamic Financial Institutions

• Islamic Banking and Finance • Takaful (Islamic Insurance) • Product Development for Islamic Financial Services and Takaful

• Islamic Commercial and Corporate Law •

 The Shari’ah principles of zakat and waqf.

Islamic Finance Training

A leading Islamic Financial training institutions and subsidiary of Kuala Lumpur based Redmoney.

Courses conducted are:

Islamic Finance and Financial Products

Capital Markets and Sukuk

Islamic Funds and Investing

Sharia Audit and Control

Legal and Compliance

Accounting and Audit

Market and Treasury

Risk Management



Islamic Real Estate Finance

Islamic Corporate Finance

Islamic Trade Finance Structures

International Faculty of Finance

A UK based financial training organization providing Islamic Finance Training on Fundamentals on Islamic Finance

Course contents :

Understanding the Core Principles of Islamic Investment & Finance

Overview of the Sharia’a Tools

Murabaha contract (sales)

Islamic Asset Classes : Tawarruq, Ijara (leasing), Salam (Forward Sales), Istisna (Construction or Manufacturing)

 How to organise money in Islamic Finance

Applications and Considerations for Wealth Management & Private Banking

The Islamic Capital Market

The Trouble with Derivatives & Sharia’a

Regulatory and Capital Issues

Review on the Whole Process: how are Sharia’a Decisions made?

An online training portal of Islamic Finance Advisory Group. A Dubai based private company.

Academy for International Modern Studies

A United Kingdom based Islamic financial training organization

–         Corporate training

–         Online training

–         MBA Islamic finance

–         Certified Islamic finance and Insurance professional

Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia

provides training in Islamic Finance

Course conducted are based on

Skilled-based practice programs – Standard Takaful and Islamic Banking practices

Qualified Practitioner programs – Takaful practice, Islamic Banking practice, Islamic Finance planner

Euromoney Financial Training   

A United Kingdom and Ireland based international financial training organization providing 3 day course in Islamic Finance – Theory & Practice.

Islamic Finance Advisory and Assurance Services

A UK and France based consultancy and training institution. The training leads to IFQ Islamic finance qualifications. Sample course modules are:

Internal Shariah standards and culture

Islamic financial principles (introductory and intermediary levels)

Concept and product training – Mudaraba, Murabaha, Ijara, Musharaka, Wakala, Salam, Istisna

Understanding the difference between IAS, AAOIFI and IFSB standards.

Shariah Auditing

Shariah legal documentation

Specialised sales training targeting Muslim consumers

Amanie Islamic Finance Consultancy and Education LLC (AIFCE) a Dubai based Islamic financial consultancy and training courses

Islamic Finance Institute of Southern Africa(IFISA) – A training and advisory institution based in South Africa. Course includes

Fundamentals in Islamic Finance

Islamic Financial Planner 

Accounting & Auditing for Islamic Financial Institutions