Sri Lanka Amana Takaful steers home insurance

Our homes house our joys, hopes and dreams and the place where we find comfort and rest. However, we seldom view our homes as something worth safeguarding. However, a question that exists is whether we secure our homes or insure them.

Believing that the latter is a better solution Amana Takaful recently gave fresh impetus to its home insurance product, ‘My Home,’ with an additional enhanced accident cover in a bid to promote the importance of home insurance in Sri Lanka.

“The market for home security is growing tremendously in Sri Lanka and mainly centred in urban areas. The main drive for home security comes not only form the need to secure the safety of our loved ones but also to safeguard our belongings, that mean so much to us. Having said this, insurance comes as an obvious need as it not only gives you peace of mind but it also provides the financial support you need to get things back in order,” said Kester Amarasinghe, Head of Technical, Amana Takaful PLC.

“Insurance is almost the last concern on anyone’s shopping list and home insurance is mostly off many people’s radar. However, little do we realise that risks at home have the greatest effect on our lives and feelings,” said Amarasinghe.

“Therefore, we intend taking this message to our customers and potentials through a campaign of education that we believe will surely help increase the importance we place on our homes.”

From a practical sense, the impact of lightning strikes on homes and home appliances is little known, although an impending danger for all of us.

“We don’t think of harm happening to our homes because that is the one place we consider safe in our hearts. However, we have helped many of our customers who have seen their belongings damaged due to lightening strikes and sudden explosions which encourages us to cover people as much as possible,” said Nazeem Ghafoor, Manager Sales and Distribution, General Takaful, Amana Takaful PLC.

“Security systems are really meant for warning purposes but the true need is to recover what is lost and that is a loss that is worth safeguarding against,” he added.   

Amana Takaful ‘My Home’ is loaded with covers that safeguard against more than 10 natural disasters, fire and damages caused by it and due to it, burglary, alternative accommodation, loss of rent, architect’s, surveyor’s and engineer’s fees and many more.

Policies are also provided for additional reasons other than safety. Home insurance is required to obtain housing loans from financial institutions and with confidence building in the country there is a growing need for loans. 

Amana Takaful insurance is the Sri Lankan pioneer and flag bearer of the Takaful way of insurance that redefines how insurance is carried out. Amana Takaful has been operating for more than 10 years and has a full-fledged operation in the Maldives.

source : dailymirror