Competition on Islamic Finance Research Translation Program by SAMA Saudi Arabia

The Islamic Finance Research Translation Program aims to support, advance and benefit from scientific research in Saudi Arabia. The program enhances Saudi Arabia’s leading role in the Islamic finance sector globally and confirms SAMA’s continuous effort and determination to achieve integration in the research system as part of its social responsibility obligations and pivotal role in the field. Additionally, the program contributes to fulfilling the objectives of Vision 2030 of improving Saudi Arabia’s knowledge position.

Research Areas:

1. Islamic finance.

2. Islamic banking.

3. Islamic insurance.

4. Banking risk management.

5. Financial technologies (FinTech) in Islamic finance sector.

6. Sharia governance.

7. Other areas related to Islamic finance sector.

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Deadline for submission has been extended ..,

The last chance to apply for the program would be on Thursday, September 30, 2021.